Filip Nola

Filip Nola was born in Zagreb in 1967. His acting days started at the drama studio run by Zvjezdana Ladika and continued at the Zagreb University Academy of Dramatic Arts. He has been the member of the Zagreb Youth Theatre (ZKM) company since 1994.

Shows played at ZKM: Višnjik (The Cherry Orchard, directed by Ivan Popovski), Ja sam ona koja nisam (I Am Who I’m Not, directed by Paolo Magelli), Ovo bi mogla biti moja ulica (This Could Be My Street, directed by Anica Tomić), Noćni život (Night Life, directed by Paolo Magelli), Emil i detektivi (Emil and the Detectives, directed by Milan Trenc), Pansion Eden (directed by Árpád Schilling), Huddersfield (directed by Rene Medvešek), Roberto Zucco (directed by Christian Colin), U logoru (In the Camp, directed by Božidar Violić), Medeja 1995. (Medea 1995, directed by Leo Katunarić), Male žene (Small Women, directed by Katja Šimunić), Mafija (Mafia, directed by Lukas Nola), Zdrav i čisti dom, to je baš po mom (Healthy and Clean Home, That’s Right for Me!, directed by Kristijan Ugrina), Putovanje jednog princa (The Prince’s Voyage, directed by Ozren Prohić), Tri mušketira (The Three Musketeers, directed by Janusz Kica), Hamper (Bucket, directed by Rene Medvešek), Ujak Vanja, Tri sestre (Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, directed by Paolo Magelli), Sherlock Holmes (directed by Krešimir Dolenčić), Kraljevo (directed by Paolo Magelli), John Smith, princeza od Walesa (John Smith, The Princess of Wales, directed by Dražen Ferenčina), Insektarij (Insectarium, directed by Andreas Ingenhaag), Veliki meštar sviju hulja (The Great Master of All Scoundrels, directed by Branko Brezovec), Pad (The Fall, directed by Miran Kurspahić), Priče mačka na grani (Tales of the Perched Cat, directed by Zlatko Bourek), Naš grad (Our Town, directed by Rene Medvešek), Kamov, smrtopis (Kamov, On Death, directed by Branko Brezovec), Živjet ćemo bolje (We Shall Be Better, directed by Senka Bulić), Palačinke (Pancakes, autor drame i režija Filip Nola), Idiot (The Idiot, directed by Ivan Popovski), Revizor (The Government Inspector, directed by Jernej Lorenci), Čovjek koji je spasio Europu (The Man Who Saved Europe, directed by Rene Medvešek), Put oko svijeta u 80 dana (Around the World in Eighty Days, directed by Krešimir Dolenčić), Oprostite, mogu li vam ispričati…? (Excuse me, Can I Tell You…?, directed by Anica Tomić), Najbolja juha! (The Best Soup, directed by Rene Medvešek), Veliki Gatsby (The Great Gatsby, directed by Ivica Buljan), Baltazar (directed by Krešimir Dolenčić), Vrata do (Next Door, directed by Rene Medvešek), Ana Karenjina (Anna Karenina, directed by Vasily Senin), Kristofor Kolumbo (Christopher Columbus, directed by Rene Medvešek), Alan Ford (directed by Dario Harjaček), and Sada je, zapravo, sve dobro (Yes, Really, Everything’s All Right Now, directed by Olja Lozica).

Filip has also performed at other theatres and events, including the &TD Theatre, Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, City Theatre Gavella, Kerempuh Theatre, Theatre Žar-ptica, Istrian National Theatre in Pula, Ulysses Theatre, Boom Theatre, and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

In addition to his roles in theatre, TV, and film, Filip has authored, directed and received awards for his text Jukebox, Melita (Marin Držić Award for the best play in 2000), which was then staged at the &TD Theatre in 2001. In 2004, The publishing house Meandar released the collection of his plays under the title Palačinke (Pancakes), and the show Pancakes was staged at ZKM that same year. In 2019, with Arija Rizvić he co-directed his another play Tri X i ja (XXX and I), also for ZKM.

He has received one of the highest media awards, the 2022 Golden Studio for the best male role of the Neighbour in ZKM’s show Ja sam ona koja nisam (I Am Who I’m Not).