Hrvojka Begović

Hrvojka Begović was born in Zagreb in 1982. She graduated from the Zagreb University Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (philosophy and sociology). She has been the member of the Zagreb Youth Theatre (ZKM) company since 2015 but has performed on its stages since 2012.

Shows played at ZKM: Ovo bi mogla biti moja ulica (This Could Be My Street, directed by Anica Tomić), Ružno pače (The Ugly Duckling, directed by Robert Waltl), Mirni dani u Mixing Partu (Lazy Days in Mixing Part, directed by Boris Liješević), Snajper (Sniper, directed by Franka Perković), Tihi obrt (Silent Craft, directed by Bobo Jelčić), Petar Pan (Peter Pan, directed by Robert Waltl), Čarobni brijeg (The Magic Mountain, directed by Janusz Kica), (Pret)posljednja panda ili statika (Static, directed by Saša Božić), Garaža, Žuta crta (Garage, The Yellow Line, directed by Ivica Buljan), Noćni život (Night Life, directed by Paolo Magelli), Idiot (The Idiot, directed by Ivan Popovski), Ideš dalje (You’re Part of It!, directed by Rene Medvešek), Crna knjiga (Black Book, directed by Borut Šeparović), Radnice u gladovanju (Female Workers on Hunger Strike, directed by Olja Lozica), Ponoć (Midnight, directed by Ivan Planinić), Zdrav i čisti dom, to je baš po mom (Healthy and Clean Home, That’s Right for Me!, directed by Kristijan Ugrina), Pansion Eden (directed by Árpád Schilling), Ljudski glas (The Human Voice, directed by Bojan Đorđev), Mi i Oni (Us and Them, directed by Dario Harjaček), Monovid-19 (directed by Anica Tomić), H.E.J.T.E.R.I (H.A.T.E.R.S., directed by Judita Gamulin), Ja sam ona koja nisam (I Am Who I’m Not, directed by Paolo Magelli), Braća Karamazovi (The Brothers Karamazov, directed by Oliver Frljić), and Moj muž (My Husband, directed by Dora Ruždjak Podolski), Ćelava pjevačica (The Bald Soprano, directed by Suzana Nikolić), Euforija (Euphoria, directed by Ksenija Zec).

She also performed at other theatres and events, including the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, &TD Theatre, KunstTeatar, and Exit Theatre and has been performing at Eurokaz and working with many theatre directors and authors, such as Zlatko Burić Kićo, Damir Bartol Indoš, Tanja Vrvilo, Vedrana Klepica, Filip Šovagović, and Zlatko Paković.

For the best acting achievement she received the Miroslav Krleža Festival Award (2017) for a role in the play Doviđenja na nebu – Razgovori s Krležom (See You in Heaven: Conversations with Krleža).