Toma Medvešek

Toma Medvešek was born in Zagreb on 25 January 1997. He is about to complete his final graduation exams at the Zagreb University Academy of Dramatic Arts. He is a joint member of the Zagreb Youth Theatre company.

Shows played at ZKM: Euforija (Euphoria, directed by Ksenija Zec), 12. NOĆ ili kako hoćete (Twelfth Night or What You Will, directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna), Čarobnjak iz Oza (The Wizard of Oz, directed by Saša Broz), Halo, halo, ovdje Radio Zagreb (Hello, Hello, This is Radio Zagreb, directed by Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro), Mladež bez Boga (Youth Without God, directed by Borut Šeparović), Cement (directed by Sebastijan Horvat).

He has also worked with the &TD Theatre, KunstTeatar, Croatian National Theatre in Zadar, KNAP, Travno Culture Centre, and directors Ivan Penović, Nenad Glavan, Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro, and Vinko Radovčić and had roles in films and TV series ZG80, Crno-bijeli svijet (Black & White World), Oblak u službi zakona, Dar Mar, Majstori.

He received the 2022 Golden Studio Award in the best film and theatre debut category for his role as Dodo in the show Ti si prvi hrabar (KunstTeatar).