TRAJANJE: 80 min Project author: Olja Lozica
Redateljica: Olja Lozica
Premiere in Split: 3 November 2021 (in the arrangement of PlayDrama) / Premiere at the Zagreb Youth Theatre: 21 November 2021

A co-production by the Zagreb Youth Theatre and PlayDrama

Created by dramaturge and theatre director Olja Lozica and co-produced by the Zagreb Youth Theatre and the PlayDrama theatre, Breathing deals with a horizontal, sisterly relationship, viewed from perspectives that are upsetting, deeply poetical, and unexpected at times, but always highly potent in the sense of performance. In her exciting directing career, Olja Lozica has constantly explored various performance techniques. In this show she is fully focused on two masterful actresses, whose many layers of relationship are gradually peeled off to lay bare a gripping narrative before the audience. Tackling the themes of sisterly love, intimacy, closeness with another person, loss, and healing from the inside, this show breathes together with the music performed live on stage as one of the play’s pillars. Breathing is a tour de force of acting and dramaturgy, cleared of everything superfluous and focused on the relationship and dialogue, the basic values of the traditional dramatic theatre treated in an original post-dramatic way.

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Petra Kovačić Botić

Matko Botić

Autorski tim

Director: Olja Lozica
Dramaturgs: Olja Lozica and Matko Botić
Composer: Matko Botić
Lighting designer: Aleksandar Čavlek
Costume consultant: Marta Žegura
Stage manager: Milica Sinkauz