DURATION: 105 min Authorial project by Ksenija Zec
DIRECTED BY: Ksenija Zec
Premiere: 08 December 2023

The play Euphoria is an authorial project by Ksenija Zec, who, through an attractive acting technique reminiscent of animals, brings to the stage the world of the so-called Generation Z, of young people raised on digital technology, for whom a way of life without it is quite unimaginable. Their knowledge and life experience come almost entirely from digital sources, and they take Andy Warhol’s words – “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” – quite literally.

In Euphoria, high school students get the opportunity to be famous for 15 minutes by setting up their graduation party, a moment in which they prove their maturity to parents and teachers and are initiated into the adult world. The play aims to explore the mechanisms through which young people define their identity in terms of social recognition of their skills, values, and influence. Graduation parties give them this opportunity, if ever so brief. Euphoria seeks to decipher the moment of happiness and ecstasy we crave and the price we pay to achieve it.

The uniqueness of this play lies in a specific acting technique that emerges from the study of anatomy and animal movement, allowing actors to embody a rich range of different characters. Through pronounced physicality, they convey to the audience the universal idea of the play in an imaginative and entertaining way.


Creative Team

Authorial project: Ksenija Zec

Dramaturgy and script: Saša Božić

Set designer: Igor Ruf

Costume designer: Zdravka Ivandija

Music: Nikola Krgović N/OBE

Lighting: Saša Božić, Anton Modrušan

Assistant dramaturge: Sandra Pašić

Assistant costume designer: Tina Spahija

Stage manager: Milica Sinkauz

Graphic design: Antonio Dolić

Photography: Marko Ercegović