TRAJANJE: 100 min Author: Dino Pešut
Redateljica: Judita Gamulin
Premiere: 18 January 2020

H.A.T.E.R.S. is a Zeitgeist piece seething with the anxiety of the millennial generation trapped in prolonged adolescence. The generation born into socialism, growing up in capitalism, impatiently waiting in their provincial homes for the new episodes of Glamour Café and Sex and the City, only to run away to the capital – to study at the university or not – at the age of 18 in the hope that they should save their souls from the traumas of war, poverty, failure, and, ultimately, themselves. The death of tradition – experienced first-hand by this generation more intensely than by any other before it – has brought not only great freedom but also great uncertainty, and the easiest way for them to cope with uncertainty is hating.
The protagonists of this story are Roza, Mak, Sanjin, and Paško, four friends, four millennials and hipsters pushing middle age and trying to finally grow up by sticking to their own decisions in a world whose outlines, careers, and relationships are so fluid that they run through fingers. Where does the youth end, they wonder as an intruder joins them in this winter after-party.

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Dado Ćosić: Paško

Luka Bulović: Sanjin

Autorski tim

Director: Judita Gamulin
Set designer: Vanja Magić
Video and lighting designer: Ivan Lušičić Liik
Composer: Leo Beslać
Costume designers: Marta Žegura, Judita Gamulin
Stage manager: Stella Švacov Miletić