Hello, Hello! This is Radio Zagreb!

DURATION: 75 min Project author: Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro, based on radio documentary by Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro and script by Tomislav Zajec
DIRECTED BY: Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro
Premiere: 1 February 2022

These are the best known words heard on air in Croatian. They are repeated every 15th of May to mark the anniversary of Radio Zagreb, which started airing in 1926. Few people know that the recording is not original; that this greeting was first aired by a man, Ivo Štern, who was the station manager back then, and only a couple of decades later did Božena Begović recreate it from her memory. Even fewer people know that Božena Begović was one of the most versatile and free-thinking authors of the early 20th century. Daughter to Croatian novelist Milan Begović and Dubrovnik pianist Paula Goršetić, Božena spent her childhood in Split and Hamburg and completed her grammar school and acting academy in Vienna. In 1923, she returned to Zagreb, where she continued acting and then announcing at the newly launched radio station. Later, she also translated (in fact, she was the first to translate Miroslav Krleža into German), wrote plays and poems, and relentlessly fought against fascism. After WW2, she became the director of the Croatian National Theatre drama section and later managed the Pioneer Theatre, today’s Zagreb Youth Theatre. For all these reasons, this production is an homage to this exceptional yet forgotten woman, whose life has written some of the most important and saddest pages of women’s history of emancipation in this corner of the world.



Uz glasove: Božene Begović i Joelle Vuković, veterana pikovaca Slavice Jukić i Džimija Jurčeca, nećakinje Božene Begović Izabele Šulek i Branke Popović, novinara Radija Zagreb Hrvoja Macanovića i djece ZKM-ova učilišta

Creative Team

Director and author of the radio documentary: Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro
Script: Tomislav Zajec
Music: Kralj Čačka
Score arrangements: Dino Brazzoduro, Marko Marić i Kralj Čačka
Radio recording editor: Dino Brazzoduro
Stage design: Stefano Katunar
Costume design: Marta Žegura
Stage movement: Srđan Sorić
Light design: Aleksandar Čavlek
Sound design: Miroslav Piškulić
Assistant director: Dražen Krešić
Research team: Marta Medvešek, Tamara Bregeš, Ozana Iveković, Hrvoje Ivanković
Project support: RadioTeatar Bajsić and friends
Stage manager: Milica Sinkauz