I am who I’m not

DURATION: 180 min with a break Author: Mate Matišić
DIRECTED BY: Paolo Magelli
Premiere: 22 October 2021

„I am who I am”, speaks God to Moses from the burning bush, as if to say: “I exist”. Women protagonists in I Am Who I’m Not seem to say the opposite: “I don’t exist”. A woman doesn’t exist, or at least she doesn’t have the same opportunity to achieve the full scope of her existence. By risking her own fate, a woman wonders about her chances to survive in today’s society. This production brings together three one-act plays with storylines, motifs, and plots featuring three female protagonists. Women are the instigators of events and our inspiration in directing and dramaturgy. Formally and in terms of the genre, these three one-act plays are separate yet connected through their protagonists. They, the women who are not, are free to stroll through the stories of their fellow sufferers. This play speaks of three generations of women, each with her own problems, her own story, and her own way of coping with life in a society which remains dominantly male. Fragments of those lives create the mosaic of this deeply moving, but also humorous show.


Creative Team

Director: Paolo Magelli
Dramaturge: Željka Udovičić Pleština
Set designer: Miljenko Sekulić
Costume designer: Marita Ćopo
Music: Ivanka Mazurkijević and Damir Martinović Mrle
Idea and realization of the video: Ivan Marušić Klif
Lighting designer: Aleksandar Čavlek
Assistant set designer: Antun Sekulić
Scenic movement: Anja Đurinović
Stage manager: Petra Prša