Light Falls

DURATION: 135 min with a break Author: Simon Stephens
DIRECTED BY: Janusz Kica
Premiere: 7 October 2022

Simon Stephens (born in 1971) is one of the most prolific and relevant British playwrights of our time. Fluid in terms of genre and open to different interpretations on stage, Stephens’s plays span a variety of topics and formats, from the so called dirty realism to poetic or postdramatic fragmentation, from political commitment to deeply intimate insights.
Light Falls (2019) is a harsh yet gentle portrait of a dysfunctional family scattered across the north of England but also a deep contemplation about the meaning of life that seems to shine out the most as the end gets near. The story is driven by an internal dialogue of a fifty-odd-year-old woman in her final moment as she succumbs to a stroke. This moment breaks away from time to connect with parallel moments in the lives of her two daughters, the son, and the husband. She can now witness their moments and even say what was left unsaid; close what was left open. Elliptical parallel scenes and dialogues portray psychological profiles with harsh precision and get to the core of the transgenerational trauma through dry humour and bold hope of healing, bereft of poignant and needless words.
The light that falls is the light that shines and the light that dies.


Creative Team

Translation into Croatian: Vinko Zgaga
Director: Janusz Kica
Dramaturgy: Lada Kaštelan
Stage design: Numen + Ivana Jonke
Costume design: Doris Kristić
Costume design assistant: Marta Žegura
Light design: Aleksandar Čavlek
Composer: Stanko Juzbašić
Assistant director: Žad Novak
Dramaturgy assistant: Sandra Pašić
Stage design assistant: Vanja Magić
Stage manager: Milica Sinkauz