The Cherry Orchard

DURATION: 180 min with a break Author: Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
DIRECTED BY: Ivan Popovski
Premiere: 17 December 2022

The last great play by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, The Cherry Orchard, was premiered in January 1904, when the author had already been seriously ill. After the premiere, he wrote a letter to his editor Batyushkov saying, they gave me an ovation, so lavish, warm, and really so unexpected, that I can’t get over it even now. Six months later, Chekhov passed away, and The Cherry Orchard became and has remained his most produced play ever since.
By subtitling it as a Comedy in Four Acts despite the glaringly tragic circumstances of the protagonist family and an entire generation of characters, Chekhov gives clear reading instructions for the play.
Chekhov is hardly sentimental towards his characters, or people in general, but he does have empathy, love, and faith for them. Speaking of change and how it is impossible, Chekhov expresses a variety of views through his characters across generational divides to juxtapose the old and the new, material and spiritual, and to invite us to join the discussion. We get his characters. We don’t judge them. There is no room for drama, only for a deeply felt empathy. Through the melodius structure of the play and the rhythmic and poetic quality of his words, Chekhov composes a symphony about an ever changing society. Or as Peter Brook would describe it, Chekhov is a dramatist of life’s flow, sombre and joyous, funny and bitter at the same time. He is a shrewd observer of the human comedy.




Franjo Stojaković (klarinet)
Radovan Bjelajac (violina)
Frederic Lanz (harmonika)
Vjekoslav Crljen (kontrabas)

Creative Team

Translated from Russian by: Vladimir Gerić
Director: Ivan Popovski
Dramaturge: Ivana Đula
Stage design: Nina Bačun (Oaza) and Ivan Popovski
Costume design: Doris Kristić
Stage movement: Petra Hrašćanec
Music selection: Ivana Đula and Ivan Popovski
Video: Hrvoslava Brkušić and Ivan Marušić Klif
Light design: Ivan Popovski, Marino Frankola, and Anton Modrušan
Sound: Miroslav Piškulić
Assistant director: Gabrijel Lazić
Stage design assistant: Mia Dragičević
Costume design assistant: Marta Žegura
Stage effects: Ivan Vuković and Miljenko Sekulić
Illusion consultant: Leonardo Krakić
Language advisor: Ines Carović
Stage manager: Petra Prša