The Wizard of Oz

DURATION: 75 min Author: Lyman Frank Baum
Premiere: 18 September 2021

Lyman Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz gained worldwide fame thanks to the film adaptation by Victor Fleming and has been rooted in pop-culture ever since. Everybody knows the rainbow song, the colour of Dorothy’s shoes, and the name of her dog. The film adaptation has tamed much of the wild, nightmarish world of the book. Likewise, this production focuses on the core of the story: Dorothy’s journey through the Land of Oz in the company of an unlikely trio of misfits. After all, they and their group dynamic is what has given this story such popularity. Each of the travellers has something to wish for. For the Scarecrow it is the brain (reason), for the Tin Woodman it is the heart (emotion), and for the Cowardly Lion it is courage. Luckily, the great, majestic Wizard of Oz has the reputation of knowing and being capable of many things, so they hope he can help them too and show Dorothy and Toto their way back home. In its essence, The Wizard of Oz is a road trip story in which the journey is always more important than the destination. But the hurricanes of our time cannot be the same as in the 1900s, so this production is modern, freshly different and alive!



Grupa G5 u ulogama Munchkina, Spavača, Ozovih zaštitara, letećih majmuna, vukova, vrana i scenskih radnika

Creative Team

Director: Saša Broz
Adaptation and dramaturgy: Nikolina Bogdanović
Set designer: Stefano Katunar
Costume designer: Marita Ćopo
Composer: Toni Starešinić
Co-composer: Željka Veverec
Scenic movement and assistant director: Blaženka Kovač Carić
Author of video materials: Lovro Mrđen
Makeup: Laura Buljan
Lighting designer: Aleksandar Čavlek
Assistant set designers: Paola Lugarić and Sara Haas
Language advisor: Ines Carović
Stage manager: Milica Sinkauz